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PASWO is a Pak American Skilled, Talented and Passionate Women Organization. We have around 200 Women around this platform. We want to support low scale professional women to improve their skills with advance techniques, knowledge and resources that creates a sustainable development for their families and community.

We need professional Volunteers to educate these talented women and help them to improve their skills. We welcome all skilled women to join our group and help other women. As each women walks her own path. Her footstep makes a ripple effect. She shares her power of skills with those around her.

So that together they can bring gender equality, prosperity and stability to her family and community through the knowledge, skills and resources she has gained and the connection, she has formed with other women.



PASWO wants to support women to enhance their low skills to make a profession.

To ensure that women’s rights, social, economic, environmental, justice and health.

Promotes and protects human rights, gender equality and integrity of the environment.

Be safe domestically and financially.

We want to make strong connecting bridge with our seniors and kids.

Development of awareness and better understanding of the communities they live in.


As each woman walks her own path, her footsteps make ripple effect.

She shares her power of skills with those around her so together they can bring equality, prosperity and stability to her family and community through the knowledge, skills, and resources she has gained and the connection she has formed with other women.

We shape and facilitate the future of skillful, passionate, talented, women by providing the good supporting platform and opportunities for development.

Enhance their low skills, boost the valuable connection and facilitating individually success through business and carrier.


Boost Women self-esteem.

Shut down negativity.

Advocate for female colleagues.

Lead by example.

Become a mentor.

Support women-run business.

Enhance their skills and make it their profession.

Provide services to overcome barriers and basic resources that increases self-efficiency and improve the quality of life for community’s most vulnerable individuals.

We provide basic resources which may include food security, housing, health care, employment and child care.

We want to empower women to claim their rights as decision maker, advocates and leader.

We provide access for low income parents/guardians, education, skills and resources to raise successful youth.

We will arrange specific programs for our vulnerable youth that promote positive youth development.


Voluntary Work


Cities Covered


Hours of Community Service


Atia Shahnaz

Atia Shahnaz



Atia Shahnaz is a PHD scholar of organic chemistry. She has strong binding with community more than a decade, excellent experience of advance organic compound research, pharmacy,HR, health care and community development programme.

Message from Atia Shahnaz:

Every woman has skills and talent. I want to provide a good and useful platform where they can enhance and boost their skills and talent to Make it their profession and can support a family and community.
I want to invite all skillful and passionate women to join PASWO platform and create a positive image of their family and community.
To empowerment of women through their skills and talent I want to create different ideas and make the programme with high and advance technology and experienced expertise.

Raheela Aslam

Raheela Aslam

Vice President


Raheela Aslam has been living in Brooklyn from 33 years. She is one of the first Pakistani women to start her own business on Coney Island. She helped many young girls learn and understand how to run a business

Message from Raheela Aslam:

I am willing to help everyone who is in need, I want to teach and help advance skills of business in cosmetology field so that women can make it their profession and can contribute in economy of the country.

Samira Noor

Samira Noor

Director of Community Affairs


Samira Noor is a certified in Community and Police affairs and currently working at PS 217. She has been an integral part of community.

Message from Samira Noor:

I will work on immigration, community, events and building courses for parents and children through PASWO platform.

Ayesha Omer

Ayesha Omer

Director Of Youth Programme


Ayesha Omer has done her bachelors in insurance and risk management.

Message from Ayesha Omer:

I want to invite our all youth to create their own path of success from PASWO platform. I want to make sure that our Youth will find our organization,Instrumental for their journey of success.

Safia Ali

Safia Ali

Media Director


Safia Ali is a certified nursing assistant and completed her associate degree from BMCC college. She is working as interpreter in agencies i.e. GENEVA worldwide and BIG world.

Message from Safia Ali:

I want to facilitate community women and kids through social media. I will do my best for community through my HR skills.